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Our mission is to simplify inspiring the world through art. We streamline archiving, storytelling, and exposure, freeing artists to create the future.


Cutting-edge 3D scanning technology captures and archives every nuance, texture, and detail of your painting, ensuring its legacy in the digital age.


While scanning, we'll chat about your art—similar to a podcast. We'll then use these recordings to craft your story and marketing materials, linking your art to its narrative.


On-demand 3D replica and fine art printing, comprehensive logistics, and opportunities to showcase your work online, at events, and in public spaces.

You Create, we do the rest.

You focus on your creativity; we excel in showcasing and amplifying your work.


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Currently, we offer 3D art scanning services in Denver, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Heidelberg, Germany.

Visit Us: Bring your art directly to one of our locations.

Ship It: You can ship your art to any of our current locations. We can even provide a fancy box.

Scanner Van: Our scanner van service can pick up your art and transport it to our scanning facilities.

Mobile Scanning: We operate a mobile scanner that tours from market to market each month.

Contact us to learn about other options with partner scanners.

At ArtDrop, we are committed to supporting artists at every stage of their journey. We understand that financial constraints shouldn't prevent creativity from flourishing. That’s why we offer flexible options tailored to each artist's needs, including:

  • Scholarship Opportunities: For artists facing financial barriers, we provide scholarships that cover key services. These opportunities are designed to ensure that everyone has access to our resources, helping artists focus on their creative work without worry.
  • Customized Plans: Whether you're just starting out or you're an established artist, we have plans that can be tailored to fit your needs. Our team works closely with you to determine how we can best support your artistic career.

We encourage artists interested in our services to reach out directly. Our team is here to discuss how we can assist you and explore the best options for your art and career.

Lightcode chips enable artists to manage their phygital rights effortlessly, without the complexity of digital wallets.

Lightcode chips are advanced DNA NFC chips embedded in each piece of artwork. They utilize Polygon blockchain technology with STARK-based zero-knowledge proofs to ensure each artwork’s authenticity, provenance, and exclusivity. This integration offers several key benefits:

  • Authenticity Verification: Quickly confirms the artwork is genuine.
  • Copyright Protection: Logs each artwork’s editions and tracks ownership changes, preventing unauthorized reproductions.
  • Enhanced Security: Data is tamper-proof and securely recorded on a blockchain, ensuring the information remains unaltered.
  • Privacy Assurance: Uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify transactions without exposing sensitive data.
  • Transparent Provenance: Provides a transparent record of an artwork’s history, accessible by scanning the chip.
  • Facilitates Secondary Market Sales: Enables a reliable and transparent secondary market by providing clear records of ownership and authenticity, supporting the legal and secure resale of artwork.

This system not only protects the rights of artists by preventing forgeries but also assures collectors of their investment’s authenticity and legal provenance, privacy, and trust.

At ArtDrop, we cater specifically to the unique needs of established artists, galleries, and institutions. Choose only the services you need, when you need them. Our offerings include high-quality scanning, digitization, archiving, on-demand 3D replica and fine art printing, copyright submissions, logistics, and NFC tags for authentication and secondary market sales. We also provide white-label solutions that include shipping, logistics, gallery tags, and DNA chips, allowing you to use our services under your own branding. Contact us today for more information on how we can tailor our offerings to suit your requirements.