unlock value

Keep originals

Artists and collectors can keep their originals and generate value.

WE deliver art

Artists get paid.

ArtDrop offers a complete solution for artists, helping them focus on creating.


3D scan art

Our process starts by capturing every brushstroke, detail, and texture into LIGHTCODE.™


Story Telling

Then we generate the stories behind every stroke.


3D print art

Our textured replicas feel like the original, offering an authentic experience.

tap phone


Each piece chipped for authenticity, linking to its story, the ArtDrop app, and immutable provenance.


Show and tell

We beautify high-traffic locations and events enhancing exposure for artists and their stories.



NFC tags offer easy purchase and a feedback loop for artists.

Our app

Art lovers discover stories, collect art, and earn rewards.

Artists connect with fans and gain valuable insights.

Beyond prints

Our LIGHTCODE™ tech opens opportunities for shopping in AR/VR, and immersive experiences.

Artists create. We handle the rest.