About Artdrop

We are a forward-thinking art licensing and distribution startup dedicated to empowering artists through technology.



Artdrop is a public benefit corporation.

Our mission is to provide a modern platform for today's artists, enabling them to showcase and sell their work while contributing to the betterment of the human experience.

core focus

Helping artists

We listen to artists, collaborate, and build services to maximize exposure, provide help with technology, and make it easy to share their works while maintaining maximum control over integrity, rights, and pricing.

Our Goal

Make art accessible.

With light and 3D printing we go beyond the physical limits of original paintings, making them accessible and enjoyable to many, in a way that is impeccable to the artist's vision.

Our service

Protect art for posterity.

At Artdrop, we archive paintings with artist narratives, meticulously preserving the artist's vision and story for future generations.

Together we

Exchange art, do good

Each drop supports artists and organizations striving to unlock the freedom to explore human consciousness and the health of our planet's soils and delicate ecosystems.

We are a collective of artists, printmakers, and technologists, working together to help artists.

Scott, drone scanning a mural.

Ashley, unframing Alan Watts with Randall.

Eli, cutting Brother Bobs Art Basel Prints.

Niko proofing Caitlyn's art.

Proofing Brandon Rollins art.

Replica print for Martina Hoffmann.

Caitlyn, painting the Artdrop Mural.

Proofing Caitlyn's textured cards.

Proofing Randall's masterwork.

Rob and our first textured print.


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Visionary Guide

Artdrop aims to be a web platform that enables artists to share their art with the largest possible audience worldwide. Although we are surrounded by art, few artists today can make a viable living. We provide the means for Artists & Fans to thrive together by sharing, socializing, and getting paid using the latest technology.

Reproduction as liberation, no longer are we attached to the uncertainty of the original. Now, sharing, free, all of the information that contextualizes our relationships. Our platform, via 3d replication, blockchain, and education, wants to enable the reciprocity of community engagement, art creation, creativity and weave it within the context of freedom, environmental stewardship, and sustainability.

ArtDrop questions the original, contextualizes art within the network of the mycelial and enables the community to value the art rather than the collector. It breaks free from the white cube. Artists inherently want to play with the white cube figuring out its boundaries; it is a puzzle to morph that which seeks to control into avenues of liberation, empowerment, and nourishment.

The challenges that ArtDrop presents, not just to the enterprise but to the community and the artists, is a playful act of engagement that invites the creators, the creatives, into a space of digital inquiry.

Collective purchase, democratized success, democratized access.

At the heart of our platform is artist empowerment. ArtDrop allows artists to thrive by sharing, socializing, and liberating them from the uncertainty of the original. We give art lovers access and the ability to discover new artists, build digital & physical collections, share art, and support artists without pausing everyday life! Artwork seamlessly transitions between digital and physical, from offline to online or online to offline.

No longer must artists starve for their craft, or art lovers settle for the same old Dali prints. Artists and fans alike can can beam art anywhere and print their pieces where & when they want -- on what they want! Canvas, Posters, Toys, Phone Cases, Tshirts, Wallpaper, Clothing, Fabrics, Skateboard Decks, Flooring, even Sneakers.

We believe that artists and fans that stand together have immense power to manifest growth. By uniting communities through art and furthering a contingency for effective change, we can heal our planet to ensure that our continued evolution is regenerative.

ArtDrop is a Public Benefit corporation working towards B-Corp Certification. 4% of profit goes towards organizations thriving to unlock the freedom to explore human consciousness and the health of our planet's soils & delicate ecosystems.